Day 1: “We Need to Go to the Hospital!”

4am, Thursday, October 15th.

Semi-normal morning. I woke up in bed upstairs about 3:30am, to the sound of my hubby downstairs in the kitchen getting water.

I hear him burping – something that had started the day or so before. Nothing alarming, other than that he never sleeps downstairs. Or rather it’s rare – whenever he can’t sleep for some reason he’d always climb out of bed so that he didn’t disturb MY sleep. Sweetbut.

I began drifting off to sleep, and I remember thinking, “I should close the bedroom door all the way so that we don’t disturb one another.” I thank God now every time I remember that I didn’t do that or I never would have heard one of the scariest voices I’d ever heard.

As I drifted into that fuzzy, twilight sleep where you’re not sure what you heard is a dream, I heard in the vague distance:


I flew out of the bed and down the stairs to find him sitting up on the ottoman:

> growling & clutching his chest
> Asked him to lie down; he said he couldn’t
> Called 911 (thank you God!); ambulance came fast

> I lost the ambulance cause I had to stop/restart the car — when I got there blonde nurse said, “Yes, it was a heart attack. The Cardiact Team has already been called and is on their way”
> Saw Will and the others coming in
> Heard David screaming in pain (catheter being inserted)

Doctor Shaw explained they were going to do an angiogram (camera) and if necessary do an angioplasty to open the blockage.

Said it would take 30 minutes — was about an hour or more so I was pacing the halls, unable to sit in the Family Waiting room. Wanted to be in the hall where they’d wheel him out. Saw Cardiac Team member Will, he came and talked to me for about 15-20 minutes. Said David gave him 2 thumbs up.

Dr. Shah then showed me the videos of the FIVE blockages in his 3 main arteries. And that he’d need OPEN HEART SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> Says he also had an earlier heart attack, but just didn’t know it.
> David you have no warning system – when your body tells you something is hurting you just ignore it.



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