I feel like a pile of bricks have just dropped on me. I may have no job to go back to next week.  Time will tell.  A little stressed about it.  Its getting real.  What will happen?  What will i make happen?  If i ever needed that windfall it is now.  2 months of heaven being with my wife and now this.  Cmon apps cmon wealth n money making ideas .  Kind of a strange feeling. Kind of like the heart attack moment.  Felt pain,  felt ill but knew deeeeep down and around me i wasnt going to die it was an experience i had to go through, it was like. Yeah yeah just get me to the hospital so they can do their thing so i can go home already.

Have had minimal time with the computer and app building time. It would be a full time job to really do what i want to do lol get it full time job. *smile*

And sooo the new journey begins.  I feel like this is a hobbitt movie instead of my life.  Complete with ups downs smiles frowns demons angels challenges and successes.

What will I do with the precious 🙂