Go get em

Remembering the days i would get up and the first thought is… im ready for anything that comes my way…. now i get up and i think dang is the day over yet?  I have to figure this thing out fast or i feel our life will be a mess.  Lose weight lower blood pressure make money enough for both of us to quit our jobs and retire.  May it come fast good luck sun..


Angry Birds vs. Tina Turner

Hmmmm coming up with new ideas and writing … getting thoughts down.  Soooo anout the title.  Will i be satisfied being a top ticket item or can i accept the possibility of being in the top 20 for 20 years, being more settled less stress and somewhat relavent still. Better yet very relavent but for another audience.  Lets giv it a go.  What about the transition process or jas the transition already begun with my mindset.

Wife says health first.  We can all say that until the rent is due or food is needed on the table.



I feel like a pile of bricks have just dropped on me. I may have no job to go back to next week.  Time will tell.  A little stressed about it.  Its getting real.  What will happen?  What will i make happen?  If i ever needed that windfall it is now.  2 months of heaven being with my wife and now this.  Cmon apps cmon wealth n money making ideas .  Kind of a strange feeling. Kind of like the heart attack moment.  Felt pain,  felt ill but knew deeeeep down and around me i wasnt going to die it was an experience i had to go through, it was like. Yeah yeah just get me to the hospital so they can do their thing so i can go home already.

Have had minimal time with the computer and app building time. It would be a full time job to really do what i want to do lol get it full time job. *smile*

And sooo the new journey begins.  I feel like this is a hobbitt movie instead of my life.  Complete with ups downs smiles frowns demons angels challenges and successes.

What will I do with the precious 🙂

The Dream

Had a dream so clear and defining.  I found hornets and nests and started killing them.  There was a large hornet that was about a foot long i killed it with aerosol and fire then crushed it up againt the wall.   It was so vivid.  Have to see what the dream interpretation sites say.


Day before it begins

Here we go next couple of days i go back to the doctor going to rehab and taking tests.  It has to be and im not looking forward to it.  Getting stuck again feeling tired and waiting for my bidy to get better.

Tired. Again.

extremely time jogging have to lay down and take a nap or just lay down I don’t feel sleepy I just feel extremely exhausted how am i speaking how can I work like this how can I go through my days taken 6 hours worth of naps a day or at least 3 hours worth of naps a day this is ridiculous it’s going to get better I’m sure will but I just have to deal with it

12.25.2015 another xmas yay!!!

12 25 15 .. glad to be alive and wondering why. Am i supposed to do something or is this the luck of the draw. Im leaning toward the former. No coinkydink that things worked out the way it did. Sooooo where do i go and what do i do. Feeling tired most of the time especially after any physical movement. E.g. walking, washing up getring dressed etc…